Charts From Thursday Comments (Jack Damn)

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There are a lot of great charts floating around in the comment
section that you may have missed because you were busy trading or maybe there was an avalanche of comments as the market was crashing or you were merely away looking at bacon market news.

Whatever the case I thought I'd grab a few charts from the SOH comment section. This first post is a bit of an experiment and as such, this isn't nearly a complete "round up" of charts from everyone. I hand picked a few examples to kick the idea off.

► jesterx posted:

Do we have a holiday reversal on our hands. Hmmmmm. Or will the job
numbers haunt too many and send us down the crap hole again. Here is my
homework for those interested.


S&P Daily (click for bigger)


S&P Intra-day (click for bigger)

► morrise posted a nice look of the NYSE Comp (NYA) with commentary on the chart:


Click for bigger

► ContraTrader posted a look at Goldcorp (GG):

I think Tim is playing GDX for a short term bounce place. I got into a
miner today as well.. GG.. I will probably play it up till about
42.50 and short it there on the retest of the broken wedge formation
with a stop above the 50DMA.. check it out.


Click for bigger

► redvetttes posted a nice technical look at the IWM. It's a bit too large from me to grab, but it's right here.

auger posted:

Anybody consider that there's an inverted Cup and Handle on $SPX, rather
than a H&S? Target is 975-ish.


Click for bigger

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