Charts From The Comments (Monday)

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A few charts from the excellent chartists that contribute to SOH's comment section.

springheel_jack posted two looks at the EURUSD (here and here) along with this GBPUSD chart:

My personal favorite though, the GBPUSD rising channel. I've taken 425
pips out of this since last Thursday and I'm hoping to double that by
the end of this week:


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jesterx posted:

I was staring at the market today and trying to make sense of it, but
with this holiday here, sometimes the market can play up a bit. I will
not be trading today, but I found something with the RUSSELL 2000. Chart
below for those interested.


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morrise posted a round-up of the VIX including a Point & Figure, Weekly and this Daily:

We are a good deal oversold which often precipitates counter rallies. (link to spreadsheet) How about volatility with the VIX?


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morrise also posted a great break down of his thoughts on the SPX. Along with the daily chart below, he posted a 3-box reversal Point & Figure chart, a Weekly look and a look at the S&P500 Bullish Percent Chart. He also looked at a couple Moving Average studies on the NYSE Comp. (NYA).


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facesincabs posted:

fwiw … China was the first world market to resume its bear market
(noted by its 20% decline off highs several weeks ago) … in the last
two years it appears to bottom and top ahead of the domestic markets …


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facesincabs also breaks down the Russell ($RUT) with three charts including this weekly look:

Weakness abounds in small cap's after the last week …


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That's it for now. Thanks to all the people posting charts in the comment sections. I'll leave you with this potential long term Head & Shoulders pattern on the Monthly DOW chart. The right shoulder needs work so tell your friends to sell and sell often.



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