WAGnostic Update

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So I took a look at Tim’s 1937 WAG corollary in my DIY
charting program (i.e. Excel).  Peak-to-peak,
mapping every active trading day 1:1, the two datasets are 86.4% correlated
through yesterday:

So while correlated is nice, it’s not like people are using
this to predict future behavior or anything. 
However, even an untrained eye can see some amount of “shadowing,” where
the patterns appear very similar- but on different time scales.

So I started playing with the time scales and came across
two WAG scenarios:

Peak-valley mapping on both: Puts us on the RS and
about to downhill the K-12 like Lane Meyer. 
Today certainly appears to be supporting this run (at least while I was
writing this… the PPT Bat-Phone might not have been called yet).

Peak2-to-peak2 mapped: is interesting in that we’re
not yet to the H&S neckline (more like “on” the neck with a shoulder to go)

If anyone can think of a more scientific approach to
evaluating this time-compression hypothesis, I’d be interested to hear it.