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Gold’s Upward Push

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Friend-of-Slope Gary Savage has been touting precious metals a long time, and he's certainly been doing well lately. As an experiment, I punched in (GLD/SPY) in ProphetCharts to see what the ratio chart would look like, and here it is:


GLD is very close to pushing past its all-time high of June 28th. If it does, it'll be interesting to see just how high it goes. Gary writes that gold and the Dow will reach a 1:1 ratio ultimately (example: 6000 on the Dow and $6,000/ounce for gold, or whatever the prices may be). We shall see!

HTCHing a Ride

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One short I had good luck with a while ago was Hutchinson Technology (HTCH), but it has gotten so battered, I stopped trading it. I still looked at it each day, wistful that it was too low to short responsibly.

Well, yesterday it shot up huge, and I saw a second chance to get in. I've covered the position today for about a 13% gain, but I just wanted to point this out as an example of taking advantage of a battered stock which, for whatever reason, has a massive one-day pop.


Here's a daily chart, so you can see this pop in context of longer-term price action.