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Chart on GLD (Mike Paulenoff)

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So far today, the weakness in the SPDR Gold Shares (NYSE: GLD) has not inflicted significant technical damage to the Aug-Sept uptrend. To do that, the GLD must break back beneath today's low at 126.61– and follow through to violate the prior significant pivot low at 125.58.

A breach of 125.58 will inflict meaningful damage to the dominant uptrend, which should trigger additional selling pressure that drives the GLD to test and likely break its Aug-Sept up trendline, now at 124.80 within a developing correction of the the two month, 12% advance. Barring a break of today's initial low intraday low at 126.61, however, the bulls will remain in directional control.

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US Bond Short – Fo Shizzle

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I've been mentioning with increasing frequency that TLT – the ETF for U.S. bonds – is a good short. It's my second-largest short position, and as of this writing it's down nearly 1% on the day. I think Ben's cute little scheme of propping up all his Wall Street buddies with trillions of dollars of POMO/QE2 is going to eventually badly damage the United States, and I think the value of U.S. debt instruments is going to circle down the toilet. I believe betting against T-bonds is a good play.