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Professional Trader’s Guide to Consistent Profits

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Do you find that your trading results are not as consistent as you want? Are you wanting to confidently repeat when you have winners? Of course! Goal #1 in trading is profiting. The second is then making money consistently. Third is steadily increasing profits.

Your trading profits are primarily controlled by what YOU do, much more than what the markets do. There are traders profiting every day, so blaming the markets is just an excuse. If you want to profit consistently, then get more consistent in what you do in your trading. (more…)

More to Come?

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Lordy, what a day. It’s about 2 in the afternoon here, and I’m ready to take a nap. The TWTR IPO was a success (for the employees/founders and investment banks) and a failure (for the public bagholders, all of whom are in the red now). The strange thing about the market lately (and I just started noticing this last week) is that in spite of the “headline” indexes making new highs, the “rot” that we talk about so much here on Slope is very ready. (more…)

Great Moments in Contextual Advertising

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I was on Yahoo Finance this morning (I assure you, this is a not a common occurrence) and noticed a context-sensitive ad on the site from Merrill Lynch. I was puzzled, though, since it not only showed that GOOG was up (I thought it was down……..which, upon confirmation, it was) and its net change was 03.0. Again, that’s zero three dot zero. Merrill Lynch once again shows the same kind of excellence that drove them into receivership in the first place.


Betraying my Blood

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Just to show my bearishness knows no bounds, breaching even the bonds of family ties, I am short two companies that have something in common: my older brother was a senior executive at both of them (well, he still is at one). The first one, YUM, is the company behind Taco Bell, KFC, and other high-fat crap that Americans shove down their throats to make them even more obese than before: (more…)