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A Few Short-term Opportunities in Sight

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Admittedly I haven’t placed many trades over the past several weeks. Some may say that the more you trade the better. Increasing your sample size is the key to success. Trade small, trade often.

In some cases, yes, but if you are only trading a limited amount of highly liquid ETFs I’m not so sure it makes sense. Wait for the set-up to come to you…don’t force trades. And yes, while no one knows the destiny of the next move, why not allow pot odds to be on your side. (more…)

Setups Vs. Predictions

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When one has spent any considerable time in the financial blogging racket invariably a few basic lessons will have to be learned in order to assure long term survival. Many oh so promising analysts or chart jockeys try their luck in launching their own digital den, perhaps even manage to accrue a respectable audience and eventually some prominence, only to eventually meet ignominious demise upon encountering the brick wall of blogging exhaustion. Trust me – I have been there – and once was only a few inches away from throwing in the towel. As it so happens the Mole has suffered more genetic damage than most which however aided him in offsetting any blatant lack of talent with sheer tenacity. Anyway, here’s are the thre lessons I’ve learned. (more…)