Schumer to Yellen: Keep Blowing That Bubble!

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Good old Chuck, too much is apparently not nearly enough. Chuck wants ZIRP-infinity stating that Ms. Yellen should “be careful” about raising interest rates.

Here’s what Sen. Charles Schumer wants to tell Janet Yellen on Tuesday

He ostensibly thinks that a lack of job growth is the “overwhelming problem” facing the economy. I think Chuck’s straw man is starting to come apart at the seams as the hay that stuffs it pops out in an embarrassing display.

Chuck, you are either a dunderhead of the highest order or you are actually more intelligent and privy to real information than some wise ass blog post is giving you credit for. You may after all be fully cognizant of the implications of this chart and thus just playing your part in an orchestrated media Kabuki Dance to keep the public (the ones buying the stock market with such intensity) baffled with bullshit.


The best part of this is that there is plausible deniability as to a bubble’s existence because only lately has the stock market’s price begun to detach from its conventional fundamental metrics. The bubble is and has been for ZIRP’s now 5.5 years running, in official policy.