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Crypto She’s A Gonna Fall

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PREFACE: I know I’m going to get more cracks about “the Slope of Crypto”, but C’MON – – my 100% success with crypto calls is freaking me out. I seriously should just only trade crypto. It’s just getting bizarre. In any case, I composed this post HOURS above when we were banging around $42,000, and during my meetings here in Chicago, I kept glancing to see that crypto was in a free-fall. So…… stupid goofy guess was spot-on. Again. Anyway, here’s the post:

I have stumbled upon many ways to make people angry on the Internet. One, obviously, is politics. Another is to dare say anything about anyone under 18 years old. And another is to imply crypto might just go down. I’m going to do that third one right now.

Of course, I already suggested that the bounce had gone about as far as it was going to go, and a rousing chorus on nobody agreed with me. Here are five charts that reflect my belief. First, you’ve got otherwise gorgeous bullish formations which have failed:


Was This The End Of The Crypto Bull Market?

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After the turbulent sell off across the entire crypto sector on Wednesday I decided to put together a comprehensive market review in order to address the big elephant in the room: Did we just mark a top in BTC and a new bear market is afoot? Or was this merely a much overdue correction inside a secular bull market that will extend beyond 2021? Watch the video to find out:

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