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Bend It Like Beckham

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Sometimes I get an idea for a feature which needs data first. You didn’t know this, but we’ve been tracking everyone’s account balance in their Virtual Trading account for many months. We are too focused on our Really Big Project right now to create these charts, but I’ve mocked up my own equity curve based on the data we’ve stored. Once we do this for real, it’s going to be super-cool! I’ve had a rough time of it lately, but by God, I’m going to conquer $10 million.


Never Argue With Price

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For when it comes to trading the financial markets price is the ultimate arbiter of truth. Period. We can whinge and whine all we want about what the market ‘should be doing’ based on a laundry list of technical evidence suggesting that it is ‘overbought’. But in the end, the market will simply do what it wants to do. And when it wants to go up – we aim high – especially during a bull market.

So as you may recall from my previous update I keep seeing quite a few alarm signs flashing hot red, one in particular is excessive SKEW across SPX and SPY options. But then there’s this: