Gaps Holding

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My crypto obsession, I think it should be said, is forgivable given the state of equities. I mean, take something like the semiconductor index. This is a dynamic, exciting, volatile industry. And yet, over a period of over four months, what is its net change? Zero. Zilch. Zippo. It’s the SOX, for goodness.’ sake.


Even judged from a shorter timeframe, things have gone from dull to unbearable. Here is the VIX. A couple of weeks ago it was at nearly thirty. It’s about half that now. Scraping along at some of the lowest levels seen in years. Dullsville, Incorporated.


I am just itching for some trendline failures. All can be said at this point is that the price gaps in various important indexes have held true. I hope it stays that way. In the meanwhile, we wait. And wait some more.

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