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Well, I’m having just a grand old time in the world of Slope’s Virtual Trading.


Below you can see the chart of how I took a fake $100,000 account and traded it up to $150 million. Now let me be the first to say that this is totally unrealistic. First, I would never be brave/insane enough to do this kind of trading. Second, and more relevant, the sheer size of these positions couldn’t exist. Above, for example, I’ve got over $100 million in IWM put options. I seriously doubt that kind of size exists anywhere, even in the SPY world. (Realistically, however, I have never been permitted to trade in sizes larger than my account permitted).

All the same, it’s interesting to see how, with honest-to-God options, such a thing is even possible. I encourage you to check out virtual trading, since I’ve found it’s been a real confidence builder in my own (much more tepid) real life trading.


Also, remember to check out the Top Ten page and click on the new Show Animated Performance button. It’s quite mesmerizing.