Operation Blimpo

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Many of you have been writing me regularly asking how the whole exercise and weight loss thing is going (OK, not a single person has written, but I’m going to imagine people are desperate to know). Well, it’s going all right. Weight, weight, don’t tell me: you want to see the chart. OK, here it is:


I haven’t provided any labels, but I started at 196 and have gotten it down to 188, or an eight pound drop. Not terrible, although, errr, I see to have “plateaued” lately.

I also track the net gain or loss, day to day, as shown below. One horrible day I went up 3.0 pounds (I have no clue why). As you can see, there isn’t really a lot of regularity to this, although at least, cumulatively, the path has been in the right direction.


I have no clue what I’m going to do in the autumn once it gets too chilly to swim, but for now, I need to try harder.

Fred Rogers famously kept his weight at 143, which he associated with the quantity of letters in “I Love You“. For me, who is down to 188, I’m afraid the phrase that matches those digits is “I Advocate Violence.”