Sorry, Tennessee!

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I’ve been having such a grand old time with crypto, I decided to explore to see other coins I could buy. I fired up the good old SlopeCharts labels feature, set it to “Kraken”, and starting looking at charts. I found one I liked, went off to buy it, but I couldn’t. I was quite puzzled. Then I found this page on their site:


Yikes, there are a lot more restrictions than I thought. Literally dozens of coins which simply can’t be traded in the U.S. So I went to the Rapid Labels editor (which is a godsend; VASTLY faster than the normal way) and removed the Kraken designation from those coins. For clarity, I renamed the label to be Kraken U.S.


Thus shrinking the list from 80 down to a mere 53. But at least I won’t waste time looking at charts that I can’t trade!


Here are my holdings, by the way, which have the marvelous characteristic of going up in price, as opposed to that worthless piece of shit called “gold”.