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The bear market won’t be fully kicking in until the society as a whole is completely pissed off at rich people. That hasn’t happened yet. Because, see, if it had, you would NOT be seeing this kind of nonsense.

The fact that a former billionaire has avoided prison for YEARS (remember, she committed the crimes a decade ago and got caught in 2016) simply by mounting her boy-toy husband and cranking out babies is sickening. In a pissed-off society, the judge would declare in a somber voce, “Miss Holmes, fuck you, fuck your brats, and have fun in prison.” And that would be that. Instead, as long as she’s fertile, she gets to keep dodging justice. Glass ceiling my ass.

And then there’s this horrid hag below. The dynamic duo of Adam and Rebakkkkah Neuman made their billions off the WeWork sham, and their financial crimes were so egregious that movies and books were created about it. So were they assassinated by angry investors or at least throw into prison? Not on your life!

Not only did they get to keep all their ill-gotten gains, they were rewarded with over a third of a billion dollars in fresh cash for their next horseshit idea (“Flow“) which I can pretty much guarantee you will throw off gains similar to the chart below.

The world is still way too complacent and way too forgiving. You’ll know we’re really rocking and rolling when these people are in fear for their very lives.