Crypto Continues

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Have you ever noticed that 100% of all frauds come from bulls? Every single time. It’s their mindset. They have no scruples to speak of. Their only ethos is to separate you from your cash. Look at all the come-on artists, the hucksters, the financial gurus – – bulls, every single one of them.

This isn’t confined to equity fraud, of course. Whether you’re talking about Charlie Javice, Samuel Bankman-Fried, or Adam Neumann, they’re all cut from the same cloth (and fabric). Start-ups, crypto con jobs, fishy businesses. 100% bull flesh. It’s despicable.

It’s heartening, therefore, to see the biggest nonsense of them all – – the entire crypto space – – resume its God-given demise. Bitcoin has broken support.

Ethereum has a failed bullish breakout on a grand scale.

And those are rock-solid blue chips compared to everything else. The alt-coins are essentially all on their way to $0.00, such as Algorand. It’s incredible how many hundreds of billions of dollars have been destroyed by this fantasy foisted upon the world by crypto-creeps.

This is exciting for me, since the psychological despair brought on by this asset destruction will bleed over into the overall public psyche, allowing the distrust of all asset classes to metastasize. Slowly but surely, crypro’s ruination will bring the equity bears their just rewards.