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I’m a neatness and order freak, which runs through Slope’s DNA extensively (and explains why I got nauseous at the idea of re-introducing ads, but instead reverted to pleading for donations). I mention this because the Preferences dialog box for SlopeCharts was becoming a complete mess, what with all the new features and choices. We have completely tidied this up for you, and I’m sure my fellow OCD sickos will appreciate it.

Inflation Bugs Puking

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The April PPI report continues the disinflationary theme

The April PPI report came in to the disinflationary side, and as a side note unemployment claims jumped to the highest level since 2021. And inflation-centric goldbugs are scattering out of the inflation stuff, a label the majority of them wrongly assign to gold and worse, gold stocks. I just wish I could set my watch by these herds because then I’d sell everything and await the inevitable opportunity they produce.

However, on this cycle I have been much lighter on gold stocks than I will be when the next buying opportunity comes as the inflation bugs scatter amid accelerating real fundamentals *, probably amid a deflation scare if NFTRH’s existing theme, to which I strongly considered an alternative last weekend, manifests. But as yet, no Dedollarisation as USD holds support after the weak inflation data this week.