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Obesity Epidemic: What Consumer Reports Doesn’t Say…

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Perhaps Consumer Reports doesn’t understand its target audience …

“We’ve long cautioned against taking quick-fix weight-loss drugs like Belviq, and Qsymia — that was also approved by the FDA last year–as well as supplements, because their benefits are usually minimal, and their adverse effects can be troublesome. Instead, skip the pills, and lose weight the safer, tried-and-true way–by eating less and exercising,” reports the well-respected organization. (more…)

Peak Oil: This Saudi Doesn’t Understand Either

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Peak Oil will always be a controversial theory… always.

But it’s a reality.

What’s maddening is explaining it over and over again to people that don’t get it.

For example, as Dr. Sami Al-Nuaim reported in the Saudi Gazette:

In the last few years, there were several attempts from several non-specialized writers in the Saudi media to advocate for what is called “Peak Oil Theory” that wrongly predicts dark future for oil production. 

This theory was introduced in the US after the oil embargo in early 70s by some bankers stating that when 1/2 of the oil reserves in any field is produced, the production will follow steep decline. This concept is based on a probability theory that is not linked to any scientific facts or physical laws that govern oil production in oil reservoirs. 

In addition, what makes this theory completely false is the fact that it totally ignores the impact of technological advancements in increasing the recovery factor and the probability to find new oil discoveries. (more…)

Watch for the “Silver Tsunami”

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Shares of Vitamin Shoppe (VSI) were just upgraded from Neutral to Outperform at Wedbush, Credit Suisse and Wells Fargo.

I’m not a fan – yet – as the stock may have gotten ahead of itself.


On a dip, I may be interested only because of the coming “silver tsunami.”

Baby boomers have begun retiring by the thousands, clearing out their retirement accounts, spending trillions of disposable income just to keep their bodies going another 30+ years.

But what many don’t realize is that this major formidable, 20-year event will change just about everything.  Not just because this generation holds trillions in wealth… not just because they’ll force massive changes in Social Security and health coverage…

But because this group expects to have longer, more active lives…

And that means they’ll spend heavily – at any cost – to keep their bodies in tip-top shape.

Retailers, marketers, doctors, gym equipment companies, and hair experts alike have already picked up on this very trend, as 80 million baby boomers spend whatever it takes to keep their bodies up to par.

GNC Holdings – a national retailer of supplements – just announced that baby boomers are one of its biggest buyers of its products for high blood pressure, digestion, eye and brain health, and muscle and bone density.

Vitamin Shoppe is likely to benefit from the trend as well.  Keep an eye on it for now.  It’s not a buy just yet.

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