Please Skip This Post If You are Epileptic (by Nathaniel Goodwin)

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The past two days have been pretty awesome; the one little damper was coming home tonight to find the Colonel sprawled out shaking on the floor in his soiled underpants. Empty Robitussin bottles surrounded him, and the first thing to come to mind was that maybe he had some sort of swine or reptilian flu.

I ran to get Dr. Ramon, and he came over to check out his vitals. He said that the Colonel was probably "Robodosing" and told me to just throw his body in a cold bathtub until he wakes up. So I’m thankful he wasn't having some sort of seizure due to some animal flu.

After we got him in the tub, I fired up my charts and came across the following which I posted here before. I believe some people complained about it getting them sick or dizzy; hopefully it doesn’t cause any seizures. If you are prone to epileptic seizures, please stop reading and close your browser. Wait for the next post.



I will be watching the SPX 1080 area closely tomorrow for some sort of bullish reversal. If we get there, and bounce I will probably close a bunch of shorts, maybe go long. I believe we could break the 1040 low sometime, but think we could also rally hard the next week or so.

I've read some of the comments about making a chart too complex, and I agree. However; like my mom says, I'm a loser with nothing better to do than drawing lines on charts. I guess it is better I do that than infect my computer with spyware searching for porn. Since the above chart might have too many stupid lines in it, and fall victim to "randomness", here is another simple P&F chart (which often works great in whipsaw markets). 

RUT copy

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