Thank You For Q2

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Hi Everyone,

This is going to be just a quick thank-you note to all the Slopers. I am still up in the Sierras, typing this from the lodge (where WiFi actually works). It was actually sort of comic today, since I had to keep running from the little beach we have on the lake here back to my computer to check positions and close out the quarter.

Anyway, this is quite sincere – – I want to thank everyone for being here over the past quarter. When Q1 ended, I was pretty despondent. Things weren't going well. I was losing money. I was questioning myself as a trader. I was really starting to wonder what I was going to do.

Through a combination of persistence, deep thinking, fortitude, and gathering together on a daily basis with all those who participate in this board, I was able to turn things around. With all of its ups and downs – – including an ungodly high price set in April on the indexes – – this quarter has turned out to be a winner. I feel 500% better about life, about trading, and about my prospects.

And, even with one hand tied behind my back this week (being on "vacation"), I've been trading pretty decently. Now that we've broken the neckline, I'm not sure if it's going to be party-time or if this is just a cruel fake-out. I am, however, 100% short right now, with a large quantity of carefully-chosen positions.

My point, however, is to thank this community for its existence, particular the dozen or so crazy regulars (Leisa, Iggy, Market Sniper, Vicous, FIC, and all the rest of you lunatics). I owe a special thank-you to Leisa, who was especially helpful in the "dark times" of Q1.

You guys are terrific, and I hope you had a good quarter too.

– Tim

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