Psychotic Cereal Killer

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My family shops at Whole Foods, and has done so for years, so I've pretty much lost touch with mass-market food products, particularly cereals.

On rare occasions, I need to pop into a Safeway, and I've noticed something pretty shocking – – – the sea-change that has taken place in children's cereal art.

When I was a young bear, the images on cereal boxes were colorful, but still fairly simple and friendly. Here's my old friend Lucky Charms:


Compare this with the psychotic, meth-crazed lunatic currently appearing on the same product:


The above is not a bizarre exception. Cast your eyes on the sweet, simple white rabbit on Tim's Trix from many years ago (and the charmingly naive homage to the U.S. Government):


Is the rabbit still sweet and simple? Think again:


I guess the old saying about one's youth is correct: you can never go back.