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Oh, God, I’m Coming!

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Well, let's see. Certain participants on Slope pretty much pissed off all the females back in January, and most of them refuse to come back. Then a couple of weeks ago, a Jewish guy wrote me, irked that I kept referring to Bernanke as Shalom. And then today, a Christian fellow emailed me, offended that I had put up the farting preachers video.

If I keep this up, Slope will eventually be just me and Iggy. At that point, I'll point out the cholestrerol risks of bacon, and then he'll storm off, leaving me alone and filled with little but regret.

Until that time, I'm working on a market wrap-up video which I'll post here Real Soon Now. Until then, try not to be offended at the delay.


Today Was Really Important……..

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I've got some personal business to attend to. I've got a post to do, but I want to do a thorough job, so you're gonna have to wait.

In the meantime, Ms. Monica Bellucci was kind enough to say she'd keep an eye on you animals until I get back. I imagine I'll be doing a video post, because I have an awful lot to say. I've asked Monica to deal with any troublemakers as harshly as she sees fit.

Congratulations to my bear friends. This day went as well as we could have hoped.