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Negative Divergences

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At the risk of jumping the gun on a pending signal that’s not yet confirmed, I’d rather point this out in advance vs. after the fact in order to give traders a heads-up.  Until recently, I was focused largely on the intraday charts, particularly the 15 minute SPY chart, in order to get an early “jump” on a likely trend reversal.  However, as recently stated, my focus has now turned to the longer-term time frames… specifically the 60 minute thru daily charts.  (more…)


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0731-indecisionWell, the Fed announcement came out just a few minutes ago (as I’m typing this), and as of this moment, the markets don’t quite know what to do with themselves. There is some strengthening at the moment; my all-short portfolio is actually holding up pretty well (the Russell, S&P, and NASDAQ are all up exactly the same amount – 0.35% – yet I am down just one-hundredth of a point for the day). You can see the red-line comparison of the annoucement here. It seems like it will continue to be a long time before the Fed has the backbone to turn off the spigot.

The Snowden Effect Didn’t Last

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Just an interesting tidbit here as we all await the Fed…….the Edward Snowden revelation briefly zapped Booz Hamilton’s share price. Well, that sure didn’t last. Their latest earnings are sending the shares to lifetime highs. I guess it goes to show that fundamentals trump international intrigue. Those who dumped BAH because of Snowden are probably shouting out the ticker symbol in disgust. (more…)