King of the Twats

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Well, our dear friend Carl Icahn just sent out a couple of fatuous thoughts:


So……..we all owe Ben Bernanke – – whom history, I think, will regard as instrumental in the wrecking of our nation in years to come – – a “great deal”?

If nothing else, I think these tweets can be seen as insensitive to the vast majority of people who have not only not prospered like Icahn, but have actually become worse off.

Let’s say you were among the rich of apartheid South Africa, and everyone who could help you was just like you – – that is to say, rich and white. And let’s further say that those similarly-colored people like yourself burdened the black majority with a debt they’d be paying for generations to come so that the very small number of white people could thrive in the short-term. And let’s further say you broadcast loudly how great it was that those buddies of yours in powerful positions did what they did, and that they should be honored and owed by the country at large for the marvelous work they’ve done. It would kind of piss you off if you were a poor black, wouldn’t it?

For a member of an elite and privileged group, be it defined by wealth, color, caste, or – – and I’m just going out on a limb here – – religion – – to be singing the praises of a fellow member and stating that the whole country should do the same is sickening. No, thanks, Carl. I don’t owe Bernanke anything except a swift kick in the balls.