Y(aho)ou Can’t Argue With Sucess

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I’ve long had a fascination with Marissa Mayer. She’s obviously very smart (but, let’s face it, also very lucky – her timing with Google was spot-on), and Yahoo’s stock price has absolutely soared under her watch. Yes, she’s vain (witness the Vogue photograph below), but her famously creepy laugh, I think, helps humanize her. Her house is just a few blocks from my own, and she has far and away the coolest (and most candy-generous) setup for Halloween, so it is a must-visit on the trick-or-treat list around here.

As cool as I think Mayer is, I’m stunned that Yahoo has soared as much as it has, only because I have found all things Yahoo pretty lame ever since 1996 when I first tried it. Still, I wouldn’t short it with a ten-foot pole. Mayer has pretty much blown away all expectations.