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The Financial Pugilist Part Two

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Boxing is a primal and brutal sport.  It is human conflict boiled down to its most pure essence.  Two men enter a ring and one exits as the winner.  In order to win the boxer must hurt, pummel, and assault his opponent more then he himself is hit.  There are no metaphors, similes, or descriptive comparisons for the imposition of one man’s will over another.  Boxing is a real, literal, and primal example of one man beating another into submission.  And this is what makes boxing a perfect sport to learn from as a trader.

Trading is one of the most simplistic ways of making money.  Every trade ends up as either a profit or a loss.  A trader extracts money from the market or the market deals the trader a loss.  Very simple.  Hit or get hit.  A trader has two choices: take money from the market or have it taken from them.  There are no do-overs, there are no mulligans, there is no way to spin result.  Every trade either makes money or loses money.  Brutally simple.  Hit or get hit.