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Hype in the “Community” is Always Punished

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By Biiwii

IKN has been pointing out the stupidity of some Apple Watch gold consumption hype and most recently, the non-flight to quality amidst Greece blah blah blah… He is at least as sensitive as I am to this stuff. More so, maybe.

While I have personally tried to tone down the criticism of the cartoons in the gold “community”, I find it difficult with one writer in particular leading the naive into the GDX (with its “drop dead gorgeous bull wedge”), into the Indian Wedding and China demand stories and as a topping on the cartoonish cake, the ‘US jobs will drive inflation so make like the smart money and BUY GOLD before the big institutions do!’ garbage.


Short a Has-Been

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A few days ago, I added Blackberry to my very, very long list of short positions. I don’t know if I’ve ever traded this once-famous stock in my entire life, but the pattern was compelling.


What’s different about this trade is that I typically prefer to short stocks which are insanely high. Those that have already been beaten to smithereens have a lot less potential to be, ummm, beaten to smithereens. All the same, in spite of Blackberry’s humiliating fall from grace, this seems like a company whose stock price is fairly valued at a whole integer that rhymes with “hero”, so I’m going to give this a shot. So far, so good…….


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