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Gold’s Ratio Signals

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A brief snapshot of counter-cyclical gold’s macro signals vs. other metals (and broad commodities) that are more positively correlated to economies, using weekly charts…

Each week NFTRH updates many charts of nominal US and global stock markets, commodities, precious metals and currencies over multiple time frames. But we also cover economic data and indicators, with the first macro chart below (Palladium vs. Gold) still barely holding its economic ‘UP’ signal from January, 2013. At that time a coming economic up phase did not seem likely, but PALL-Gold and fundamental information gleaned from a personal source in the Semiconductor Equipment sector gave us a good risk vs. reward on that stance.

While it can be argued that using an indicator like Palladium (positive economic correlation) to Gold (counter cyclical) is subject to the discrete supply/demand fundamentals of the two assets, it has worked to signal up and down economic phases, with the most recent shown in Q1 2013 (green arrow). This indicator has been whipsawing since topping out a year ago and the moving averages are near a trigger point.


Historical FOMC Market Reactions

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The horizontal lines on this SPY chart mark all FOMC meeting announcement days in since the beginning of 2014. Other than one exception following the December 17th, 2014 FOMC announcement*, the stock market traded lower within a few days to a couple of weeks.

*The rally that followed the December 17th FOMC announcement came on the heels of a 7 session, 5%+ correction in the SPY. Additionally, following the oversold/FOMC induced rally which peaked 7 days later, the SPY fell back sharply to the Dec 17th announcement level within just 5 sessions, quickly erasing that entire post-Fed rally.

FOMC market reactions June 17th
FOMC market reactions June 17th

Bottom line: While the primary trend in the market has been bullish in recent years, in nearly all instances, any post-FOMC announcement rallies were faded within hours or days. Taken in light with the current bearish technical posture of the equity markets, I would put good odds that the market will be trading lower within the next week or so.