An Analysis of Past Ideas

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UPDATE: The original post is below, but in an amazing “duh” moment, I realized how easy  it would be to automatically have the latest stock prices in the spreadsheet, so I modified it to show those. After doing so, the profit results improved by over 30% (as of this writing). I frankly can’t believe I was so dim that I hand-entered the quotes originally, but the bottom line is that the profits were better than originally reported.

From time to time, people ask if I have some kind of spreadsheet that tracks the results of my various ideas. Over the many, many years this website has been around, I’ve never done so, but I decided to take an afternoon to compile an analysis of a couple of “Premium” videos I did early in October 2018. Although these videos were behind a paywall, you can view video one and video two freely now.

I entered all these ideas into a publicly-viewable spreadsheet, which shows each symbol, its closing price on October 5th (when I made the videos), and its closing price seven weeks later (when I did the analysis). They were all short ideas, and the results speak for themselves.


  • Short-sale ideas total: 51
  • Winners: 45; Losers: 6
  • Average overall gain: +10.6% versus -8.54% loss on the SPY, about a 27% “beat” of just shorting the SPY by itself.

I put this together a number of weeks ago; I’ll need to update the spreadsheet to see how it’s going now, but given the downturn, the results might be even better.

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