Barron’s Has Your Back

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One fun thing about the end of the year is all the “year in review” type articles that come out. One that just printed is from Barron’s, in which they show how their trading ideas did compared to the target. Here we are:

“Only so-so”

The bottom line is that the recommendations from the finest minds of Wall Street produced a loss of 2.2% as compared to a benchmark gain of 1.9% from the S&P 500. They describe these results as “so-so”, although I think readers may have more color language.

Of course, Slope has its only little comparison here, and I’m pleased to say that we’ve got a positive 26% spread versus the S&P. Or, even if you were wise enough to short the S&P at time these measurements began, you’d still be ahead by 7%. Take that, Barron’s!

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