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Good morning, everyone, and happy Friday to you. Having taken a red eye last night, I’m definitely feeling it. There’s nothing quite like “sleeping” in a nearly vertical position, surrounded by strangers.

Well before I got on the plane, the ES and NQ took a nice tumble, ostensibly due to some more Trumpian scandals. As the selloff was really picking up steam, a big government obviously had to do something, so this concession was swiftly trotted out:

Well, it did indeed pare losses, but in the context of the overall selloff, it was really just a blip.

Let’s face it, this week has been pretty insane. I’ll be glad to get a weekend. To express my feelings regarding this week, I hereby offer the face of the Robinhood CEO, who yesterday went to CNBC to explain why his trading network suddenly stopped working and, no joke, looked like this:

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