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The world has been rewarding cynics like myself lately.

I thought the North Korean peace deal that everyone was hailing – – and suggesting Trump be given the Nobel Peace Prize – – would amount to nothing. We’re well on our way there. It’s a complete zero.

I believed the fakery of the past nine years would end in tears and catastrophe. We are on page 7 of a 500 page novel of that catastrophe. This is just the beginning.

And, much shorter term, I offered up the following prediction at the beginning of this month in this post.

The Fibonacci retracement targeted a price of 237.61

Let’s check the updated chart, shall we?

Just about there.

Basically Nostradamus-levels of accuracy.

Indeed, as I sit here on Friday night, I wonder to myself if I’m going to seriously regret not covering ALL my shorts already. I hate to overstay my welcome, and my sense is that we’re very, very close to banging out a major reversal.

I’d like to make an important point based on this chart of the Russell 2000 from the financial crisis. Although my trading in 2008 and the first half of 2009 was amazing, I always regretted not making more of this exceptional plunge. Every time I looked at this chart, I shook my head I didn’t do more with something so obvious. I vowed never to make a similar mistake.

Which brings us to the present. So based on how well my predictions have been going, what’s next? Well, not to press the “freemium” model too harshly, but you’ll need to pay to find out. I’ve put together a prediction for Q1 2019 in this post, and although my premium posts are typically reserved just for Gold and Diamond members, this time I am permitting all paying members (that is, including Bronze and Silver) to see it.

So please sign up. I think premium members would tell you they get exceptional value, and this time, even Bronze members (a mere 9.95/month) will get access. So I’d like to see you join at the level that makes the most sense for you. Just click here to see the choices.

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