Feeling Tints?

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Well, the day is going precisely, exactly, and totally like I hoped (and wrote about before the sun was up). I hope I was able to provide some resolve to a few of you.

Let’s look at the key elements of the Dow Composite:

  • Magenta: the upper boundary of this ridiculous trade war nonsense, which will end in failure and humiliation, but is still being touted as Going Really Well by the liars in D.C. and Beijing;
  • Yellow: the underbelly of the now-broken ascending channel;
  • Cyan: the break/failure point which will provide incontrovertible evidence not just of a loving God, but one who smiles upon Tim

Another angle or view into this is the S&P 500, shown below, which illustrates neatly and succinctly everything I think that needs to be known:

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