Here We Go Again

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Lord, this market is annoying……..

Indeed, our friends over at ZH listed at just a partial list of what’s been driving the market up and down for weeks now:

I was quite bothered yesterday, because we opened up strong, I got stopped out of a ton of positions at bad prices, and we fell the rest of the. By the closing bell, I had a very small loss, yet it would have been a profit had I done absolutely nothing. This was followed, as the tint shows, by yet another Things-Will-Be-Just-Fine rally.

What’s maddening to me, of course, is that full-scale mayhem is so close I can practically TASTE it, but it keeps getting held back.

I’m going to do something I’ve done only about five times in the past decade, which is remove ALL my stop-losses at the opening bell and then re-enter them one by one, at my discretion. I’m not going through the same nonsense I did yesterday morning. Fool me once………

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