Twice in One Year?

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I would like to offer up one potentially very grim analog:

In other words, the notion that the October selloff was indeed just a repeat of the late Jan/early Feb selloff at the start of this year. And JUST when we were starting to have fun, too.

I will say one thing: I’ve never seen such unanimity of bullishness at this very moment. Everyone, including ZeroHedge, is expecting the market to absolute explode higher. Most see new highs ahead. Maybe. I’d like to thank my Incredibly Wimpy Self for coming into the week so light (especially since it isn’t even a real week anymore, with Wednesday unexpectedly closed). But this is the kind of sentiment I am seeing everywhere I turn:

I dunno………whenever I see everyone agree on something and start to use words like “easy“, I have to be suspicious. My battle plan is to wait out the storm and watch closely.

And, on a closing  note, here we continue with our Ricky Jay obsession back when he was a young, long-haired lad: