Enjoy a Big Mac

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Welcome back from the holiday, Easter Worshipers. I wanted to share a couple of shorts with you among my 50 holdings. The first is Big Lots (symbol BIG), which broke its long-term trendline a while ago and retraced to its topping pattern.


A closer look reveals have this retailer has been breaking down, price gap by price gap.


The second one is Macerich, which has a gorgeous topping pattern. Although I’m not showing it here, this pattern almost identically matches the one it had a decade ago, which itself was met with disastrous results.


Oh, and as long as we’re talking about Big Macs, let me assure you of one thing: Americans are fatter than ever, gobbling down salty meat and cheese with greater delight than ever before. Don’t believe me? Take a glance at the chart for McDonalds. The fortunes of shareholders have prospered hand-in-hand with the sagging guts hanging over the collective waistline of this once-great Republic. Oink.