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Well, I’m waiting by the telephone for the Pulitzer committee to call me about the Wow post I created for my premium members two weeks ago. It is becoming thrillingly prescient. Alternately, had you watched CNBC last Wednesday, you would have followed their emphatic advice to buy stocks. Since they’re such a bargain and all.

I’m actually semi-crippled right now, because my portfolio laptop died, and I stayed up until 1 a.m. setting up a new system, but for reasons too long and boring to explain, it isn’t really the way I want it. And my setup is so incredibly efficient, if my arrangement is different, it slows me way, way down. So it’s frustrating.

Anyway, I’m delighted to report that the vermin Mnuchin has had his trendline broken for the first time. This is exciting. The damage is done.

Thanks to a steady selloff, prompted by a critical mass of face-slaps to China, which has finally caused them to run out of patience entirely.

We need more damage, however. The financials need to get much more brutalized to break their series of higher lows.

I’m not sure how prolific I’m going to be today, not only because the market needs so much attention, but also because of the aforementioned system woes. Hell, my dogs didn’t even get their walk, so I’ve been feeding them human-quality steak strips to apologize.

Oh, I’ve just got to say………………..thoughts and prayers: