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Are You Still Trying To “Fade” The Bond Rally?

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For weeks, if not months, I have been reading one bearish bond article after another. In fact, many of these same writers have been arguing with me for months about the bond rally I expected back in November of 2018. One suggests that this rally is really a “fake,” whereas another has been strongly suggesting that investors fade this rally, with many more supporting their opinions. The problem is that these analysts have been trying to “fade” this rally for the last 10-15% up. Yet, I will gladly bank my “fake” 20% profits on this trade.

As each week goes by, I continue to chuckle about how many people do not understand the context of the markets upon which they opine. Remember how certain analysts and investors were that rates were only headed higher back in November of 2018?  


Hadrian’s Walls

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Happy Tuesday, everyone.

I was bracing myself for this morning. Let’s face it, with the Dow losing nearly 2,000 points in a matter of days, a vicious counter-trend rally was bound to happen. And, indeed, the market opened up quite strong.

However, the damage to my incredibly short portfolio wasn’t too bad. Down 1%. And then it started healing. And, as I type this, the ES and NQ are still up huge, but my champs are profitable! So hurrah for good stock picks, amiright? Thank YOU, SlopeCharts!

Anyway, I think we are in an ADVANTAGE: BEARS type situation now and there is a heroic wall of overhead supply on every blessed index there is. Added to which, Bonds and Gold continue to do GREAT, and my bullishness on them is unabated.

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