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Seek and Ye Shall Find

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I’ve got a terrific new feature on Slope to announce.

Whenever we create a new product or feature, there is sometimes a “chicken and egg” problem. The recent introduction of the ability to share study sets is a perfect example of this.

In this instance, the feature is only really useful if a lot of people have contributed their study lists to it, and since I was the only one who had done so (by definition), I had to pretty much beg, plead, and cajole people into doing so until a few people, God bless ’em, finally stepped up to the plate.


Enough with Drop

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Time for me to bellyache about one of those things that just gets on my nerves. I’m sort of like a younger Andy Rooney, except less dead.

It’s the word “drop”. For the past few years, it has been appearing more and more frequently as a substitute for the word “release”. In the old days, an album was “released” or maybe “hit the stores”. Now…….it’s “dropped”. It’s just another example of white culture “borrowing” something from black culture in an attempt to be cool, because although I haven’t studied the etymology of this thing, I believe “drop” was the parlance of the hip-hop or rap world when it came to music being released.

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