Aztec 2020

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What on Earth is going on with Tesla’s design department? As a point of reference, here is the Aztec, which for decades I considered the ugliest car ever to roll off an assembly line.

The bizarre thing is that Tesla was knocking it out of the park a decade ago. Below is my car, the Tesla Model S. The damned thing has 135,000 miles on it and still looks sensational and drives like a dream. I love it to pieces.

But then, last night, Elon unveiled this jaw-dropping pile of pigeon droppings to the world. If it was April 1, I’d assume he was pulling a billionaire-level prank.


And the Twitter-verse is, understandably, going wild with it:


Sure, lots of folks are laughing………….except for shareholders. It seems that the equity markets are starting to wonder if Elon has lost his freakin’ mind.