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There is probably no non-investing topic I’ve written more about on Slope than wealth distribution. It’s a subject of great fascination to me, particularly since I am surrounded on all sides by both billionaires and the working poor. The Silicon Valley is a strange place.

I’ve been in the grand houses of many zillionaires, and I always think to myself how easy it would be for an unruly mob to take over not just the house, but the entire town (of, say, Atherton, which is exclusively inhabited by the well-to-do). I’ve heard the social fabric tears more easily than one might think, and I’m inclined to believe it.

Thus, I was quite interested in seeing the movie Parasite. It is set in Korea (and is itself a Korean movie with English subtitles). It explores the wealth divide in a fascinating and shocking way. I tend to gravitate toward art house type films, and this is definitely a new favorite. Here’s a trailer to whet your appetite: