Your Data Feed

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There is a general change on Slope I wanted everyone to know about. Please take note of this new creature at the top of every page:


This establishes what you are using as your data feed. For 99% of you, it will be “Slope”, but you can change it to Tradier, Ameritrade, or ThinkOrSwim instead. If you do, information for things like options chains and live quotes will come from those sources instead. In the case of Tradier (and, later, other brokerages) it also means a direct view into your account, positions, and past profits/losses.

If you choose a different feed from the dropdown, the button will change:


When you click Log In, you will prompted for your credentials.


And that’s all there is to it.

We had buried this within SlopeCharts before, but I really wanted to bonk people over the head with where their information was coming from. This is particularly important to me, since we’re going to be doing more with broker integration in the months ahead, and I want it abundantly clear, no matter where you turn, what site you are using for your information.