Magnolia Guide

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I noticed that, over twenty years after its release, one of my favorite movies of all time has come to Netflix: Magnolia. Here’s the trailer:

Allow me to offer a couple of important viewing tips, which should shave some time off this more-than-three-hours movie:

  1. Julianne Moore: is a lovely person and great actress, but please skip any of her scenes. That’ll cut 30-40 minutes off the film, easily, and you won’t miss a thing. Her part was seriously unnecessary.
  2. Guinevere: there is a black woman whose character is named Guinevere who interviews Tom Cruise’s character. Again, feel free to skip any of these parts. It’s a back story that isn’t particularly vital to the film.

I mean, there’s no harm in watching it from start to finish, but if you decide to give it more than one viewing, I suspect you’ll agree with my time-saving tips.