Bless Their Hearts

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I just have to roll my eyes:


So the Dow falls literally 0.44%, and the molly-coddled, wet-nursed, welfare-queen bulls pitch a fit? It’s pathetic. Just pathetic. This is a mass of “men” with no valor, no honor, and no scruples. We have, as a nation, raised a generation of wimps. “Confused“. Jesus H. Christ.

In any event, I found it to be a dynamic and interesting day. The out-of-nowhere swoon in the NQ was a blast, and by happy accident, I had acquired a large-ish position in QQQ March puts shortly beforehand. Since I have, understandably, learned to utterly distrust this Soviet centrally-planned “market”, I took my 30% profit and ran with it, although I’m sure I’ll be griping if we do plunge hard between now and the March 20th expiration.

I ended the day with 50 short positions and am actually a touch less aggressively positioned than before, having gone from about 230% committed to about 170%. I guess we can expect more lies from Xi as this virus ramps its way out of control It reminds me fondly of my youth when this guy became the laughingstock of the land of public assurances.