New SlopeCharts Tweaks

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I am pleased to announce some important improvements to SlopeCharts, every one of which was based on the suggestion of fellow Slopers.

First of all, we’ve enhanced the ability to see earnings dates on your watch lists. In the past, you could get a number (in red) right next to a symbol to show how many calendar days were left until their earnings announcement. Now, using Preferences, you can also see a number to show how many days in the past earnings were announced.


Here, for example, is a portion of one of my watch lists showing a mix of forthcoming earnings (red numbers) and earnings already transpired (green numbers).


We have also improved Price Change Charts – – the graph used to end a day after the earnings announcement. Now we have extended this out for five days so you can see any lingering after-effects of earnings for a given stock over its lifetime.


Next, you know how crypto-happy I’ve been lately. I noticed, however, that SlopeCharts only show currency fineness down to one penny. In the world of stocks and indexes, that makes perfect sense, because a penny is the smallest denomination. With crypto, however, sometimes you have to show tenths of a penny, or hundredths, or thousandths! So the data line now represents the prices to a much finer accuracy, when needed.


We’ve also improved the symbol mapping so that the Coinbase Crypto pre-defined watch list now actually provides you those charts. Rest assured that our crypto offerings will continue to expand and improve.

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