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Please note, by popular request, we have added two more indicators to SlopeCharts: the Double Exponential Moving Average (DEMA) and the Triple (TEMA). Check ’em out if you’re into that kind of thing, as they are immediately available in the technical indicators.

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So, on a Sunday, this is the second improvement on Slope! (The first being International Stocks, in case you missed the earlier post).

The Lords of Easy Money

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To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I’m doing a review of a book I didn’t like, but perhaps I can save you the trouble. The book in question is one whose title suggested I would absolutely love it, which is The Lords of Easy Money, and ostensibly it is about how the Federal Reserve has caused the grotesque maldistribution of wealth in the country. I’m a bit confounded at the 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon, as well as the fact that it is selling so well, because I was sorely disappointed, even though I really wanted to like it.

The book itself is over 300 pages, but I polished it off in a couple of sittings. As a writer myself, it was easy for me to see what the author was up to – – trying to take a relatively dry subject and turn it into something dramatic. I kept thinking to myself, “I hope my writing doesn’t come off this way.” It was awkward.

The main beef with the book is that I didn’t learn a damned thing. It was largely a narrative about personalities – – Hoenig and Powell, mostly – – whereas I was hoping for a scientific, fact-based analysis of the harm the Fed has caused. I regret highlighting the book (a habit I’ve never shaken) since now I can’t return it for a refund. Sorry, but yuck.