The Final Straw

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The fakery has finally been exposed. The lies, the deceit, the arrogant disregard for decency, and all the other sociopathic madness the bulls have brought upon this world is finally being seen for what it truly is, and for what I have been preaching for lo these many years. $30 trillion of asset destruction later, it is pleasing to witness this gargantuan canard unravel, with the knowledge that countless more tens of trillions of destruction are forthcoming. It makes my heart sing.

There is one element left which requires demolition, and that is cryptocurrencies. Of all the nonsense promulgated over the past dozen years, surely this must stand up as the apotheosis of this age (if you can set aside the utterly grotesque Rebekkkkah Neumannnnnn and her WeWork scheme, in alliance with her bizarre spouse). Simply stated, Bitcoin and Ethereum MUST be destroyed in order for the full fury of the bear market to be utterly unleashed. If at any point you see them finally break support, it’s time to kick back, relax, and watch the show.