Holmes On the Range

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As most of you know, Elizabeth Holmes has managed to avoid prison for many years after her transgressions. My hunch is that this month will not end without her being led off to prison. Anyway, the New York Times did a huge write-up on her, and it’s quite a read. I’ve got to admit, the whole pretty mom+likes dogs angle works awfully well with me. Like this:

“In the waning days of Theranos, Ms. Holmes got a dog, a Siberian husky named Balto. Last year, when a mountain lion carried Balto away from the front porch, Ms. Holmes spent 16 hours searching in the woods, digging through brambles and poison oak, hoping to find him alive. Everyone knew Balto was dead, but Ms. Holmes kept searching. The relentlessness. The certainty. The fanaticism. “

Glancing at the comments of the article, it’s clear people have blood in their eyes when they read about this woman. The whole thing makes me just sad.