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The Amazon

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If one is speculating on more downside for AMZN, time is of the essence.
Right now, two timeframes matter most: Monthly and Yearly.
Monthly closes Monday, yearly closes in two months; both right around the corner.

If you’re in Bear’s camp, nothing could be better than delivering a deadly blow at year’s end. Let’s look at what it will take to deliver the blow.

Amazon hasn’t lost a yearly candle since 2014.  Nine years later, 2021 was a near miss, up only by a ting.

Not so, 2022:  AMZN has been down every quarter since January.  


Sum To Consider

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Taking a tidy sum from the markets is our goal.

Talking recently with a longtime Sloper, he commented, “It’s just a trade to make a living. To get some.”

That’s what we’re here to do: Get some.

There are hundreds of ways, different strategies, to try and extract money from the markets. Have it Your way. The best strategy is the one you’ve determined for yourself. Do that.

Hard to do perhaps, but if you are able to see your way clear to remove any bias, outside influence, even news, Do That. Instructive words are, Only Price Pays.

In the spirit of All-That-Matters-Is Support-and-Resistance, these charts are offered in the hope that they help you get sum.



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It may work, it may not.

It can be played on IWM, TWM and TZA.

The setup is a bullish falling wedge or bearish rising wedge, depending on the issue. For the setup to work, price must breakout – up or down – out of the wedge [and stay out].

Such a breakout [up or down], will often jump, and then step back to backtest the breakout. Other times, it will jump and keep right on going.