Join the Comments Festival!

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The bulls had a terrific day – particularly in the gold and bank sectors, which were up well over 3% – and I'm delighted. This is precisely what I wanted to see. I wouldn't mind seeing some more of the same (my enthusiasm for bullish moves will, however, quickly disappear if we cross above 1053 or so).

I'm surprised at how many folks aren't in the comments section simply because they don't know how to get there or they don't have "an account". I put that in quotes, not because you don't need an account — you do — but it takes about 8 seconds to set up, and it's free. It's not like it's a big deal.

But I think it may be Disqus' fault, partly, because if you go to, it has a huge sign-up button, but it's intended for web site owners! So the poor souls who want to do comments don't have a URL to type, so they leave frustrated. At least that's my guess.

What you need to do is look way up in the upper-right corner and click that link on the Disqus site. But I'll save you the step and tell you it is located right here, and the screen looks like this:


As you can see, there are only three things to enter – – some kind of username that you can make up, your email address, and a password. That's it. If it takes you more than 8 seconds to do this, you should have a caffeinated beverage.

And then it's time for victory, because you can look at comments by clicking on any post's title…….


and dive into the ensuing hilarity, mischief, and wisdom……..


I know that, ipso facto, those making comments to this post will find it puzzling that I'm even talking about this, but honest, there's a lot of folks who just don't know how to get started. So there ya go.